Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There and Back Again

Wow, this weekend was a treat for sure.  I don't get to see my brother and sisters much since they all live out of state and any time you can combine family and thrifting into one location IT IS GREAT.  My husband hates my SUV, so just the trip alone for him is almost agonizing (he says my seats are uncomfortable and it is a 7 hour drive) and the worst part for me is listening to him complain about HIS agony and MY driving for 7 hours and having to pass so many thrift and antique stores and NOT being able to go in them because he will not let me stop.  Henceforth....we should take seperate vacations, but sometimes that just isn't possible.  So Friday evening, we headed north from Georgia to my home state of Tennessee, yep, Music City here we come.  Friday night while we are on the road driving, my sister is looking up the yard sales for the next day.....can you say GPS!   We are so high tech these days!    So with game plan almost in hand, we keep driving and inching our way toward Mom and Dad's house (or as in days gone by we called it HOME), now it is our family's gathering spot for us kids since Mom and Dad are both gone now, but I feel like it will always be HOME to me. Maybe that is because I am the youngest...aka: the baby, the pain, the one who got away with murder, the catastrophe.......but heck they love me, Mom said they have to!
So seven LONG, LONG hours later, 2 hissy fits about WHY can't I just stop for a second and a couple of road rage episodes...he still has road rage even when he isn't driving, we are HOME......it is now approximately 2am (1am TN time and believe you me this one hour makes a difference....especially when you show up at your sisters house at the agreed time of 6:30am and find NO ONE UP, and as you are knocking on the door thinking "why are they not up and ready, come on people we are burning daylight here".......they come to the door with eyes half open and say "I thought you said we were leaving at 6:30 am" and I said "we are, it is 6:30am" and as I look down at my phone, I realize that my phone didn't update time zones and I am still on Georgia time....."oops".  Oh and for future reference, there is a flea market in Bowling Green Kentucky that says they open at 9am (being from Georgia where time is evidentally gauged by yard sale importance not the actual clock, because if they say they open at 8am, then at first light you are fair game!).................but not this flea market, Holy hamhocks batman, when they say 9am, they mean 9am!  Anyway, we are up and at 'em on Saturday morning and off to our first yard sale......the discussion we are having is about how I am going to hide my purchases because when I left, my husband gave me strict orders that "we DO NOT NEED anything else in our house"  First of all, I know I don't need anything, but when it comes to vintage and pyrex......my brain takes a back seat to my pocket book....and I knew that I would be coming home with some sort of pyrex one way or another that is why I packed a couple extra covered picnic baskets and bubble wrap.....what he can't see, I won't have to explain and it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.  First place we stop was the local elementary school's yard sale and I picked up a few odds and ends like a Victor Mug, a couple Avon Sachet bottles and a couple pieces of Prescut glass.  Nothing big, but every penny helped the school.  Same goes on at the next couple places....then we go to a yard sale at a local day care and that is where my pyrex fix was met.....I got these beauties all for one lump sum of $10. 

  My sister also pointed out a case of old Kodak picture slides.  I also have a huge weakness for vintage cameras and photos.  These things were the bomb!!  Slides from 1942-1957 of all sorts of landscapes and tourist attractions that no longer exsist. 
Have no idea what kind of car this is, but it is old.

This one is dated 9-13-42

Slides of Rock City, Silver Springs, Cyprus Gardens, Bok Tower, Ross Allen's Reptile Institute.

 At this point, even if I didn't find anything else, I could go home a happy camper.   But we still had lots of sales to go to on our list and that is exactly what we did.  So a few sales later, we come across this small Pyrex teapot with the paper insert and stove top wire still inside of it and it has never been used.  I already had one of these (not mint condition) but I let my sister have this one because this was her very FIRST pyrex purchase!  I told her that "Resistence is futile" and she might as well join the collective....LOL!        So for future reference we recorded this awesome moment in time. 
I on the other hand opted to buy these cool glasses.....turns out they are 1920's Wellsworth Cyclist glasses....way cool!   All in all, it was a good day....family, pyrex and a new convert!

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