Monday, October 1, 2012

A cup of Joe and some pyrex...

I have to admit that there are few things (other than my family) that has made me feel truly happy in life. I do not know what draws me to vintage items and pyrex, but it is a strong pull. I love all the colorful pyrex bowls that I have collected over the years but I also like the more unique pieces as well.  I will never forget when I laid hold of these coffee pots at the flea market and for less than the gas I put in my car that day to get there.
I just love the wooden handle! 

I also found this pyrex measuring cup with the beater lid and it has been a nice addition to my kitchen as well.
Since we are all among pyrex addicts friends here, I will be the first to come clean and admit that sometimes I only cook just so I can play with my pyrex dishes.  Maybe that is what draws me to them, it brings out the inner child!  My husband says that for him my pyrex brings out the Middle Age spread. Either way, we are both happy and fulfilled in the end.
Here's to many more years of collecting and playing :)))

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