Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventures Make One Late For Supper...

"We hobbits are plain, quiet creatures. Adventures make one late for dinner." This is a quote from Bilbo Baggins, a character in the book "The Hobbit".  I watched all the Lord of the Rings Movies thus far (and plan to see the new one "The Hobbit" when it comes out)......and wow, what a grand adventure one can find themselves taking, sometimes willingly and sometimes most unexpectedly.  I think that is why I love thrifting so much because of the "grand adventures" it can take you on.  Over the years I have met so many fellow thrifters with such interesting tales and stories of their most unique treasure finds.  There is just something about finding that ONE special piece (for you LOTR fans, it would be called "The Precious") that brings you happiness or a memory from days gone by. My husband thinks that Facebook, texting and blogging is such a waste of time, and on many levels I am sure he is right seeing as it is hard to do dishes and laundry with a computer in your lap, but where else can you talk about your undying love for a piece of colored glass and have 100 other people know exactly the heartpounding excitement that you are expressing in nothing more than a typed message? Where else can you type one word (Pyrex) and have the undivided attention of so many people? or where else can you express the utter heartbreak of breaking that said piece of colored glass and have people all over the United States clutching their hearts and saying "NOOOOO, say it aint so"  or "I feel your pain!" If you want someone to give you REAL.... from the depths of their heart sympathy.... just tell a fellow pyrexer that you just broke your prize #404 Green Dot mixing bowl that took you 2 years to find at a reasonable price and they will soothe your broken heart!!   (R.I.Pieces...........I couldn't bear to take the after picture! It was too painful.)

 Tell your husband the same thing and he will say "Good Lord, you have 27 other bowls, what does it matter?"   Did you hear that???......................that eerie silence just before the storm? know the one in the movies where right before the woman snaps and chops her husband into 1200 tiny unrecognizable pieces (just like the green dot bowl)..........Has anyone noticed there are ALOT of those type of shows now a days......I will have to remember that analogy in the future when he comes in after cutting his finger 1/2 off and wanting me to take him to the local hospital for stitches and I can tell him......."what is the big deal, after all you have 9 more just like it." I have tried to raise my boys, ages 20,19 & 17 to respect a woman and her dishes!  Bless their hearts I have dragged them to flea markets since before they could I have to almost beg them to go with me, but that is because they have girlfriends....God help us all.....and they know that instead of carrying the stuff around I will be sending them back and forth to the car with it, but they always get paid in the end.....after all, a happy mother is worth a whole lot at our house. Don't believe me, just ask Hank our dog, (he was brought back from a trip to the flea market about 8 years ago).......he sees it all, plus he would side with me considering I feed him all the scraps that come out of the stuff I cook in all those pyrex bowls.
 I think thrifters can just tell another thrifter when they see one......sort of like a 6th sense, you can just see pyrex in their soul from a mile away.....Just this week at work, there was a lady buying tractor parts and I just happened to be up front to try to get the demon out of the printer and make it work for the parts guys and she looks at me and says "You may think this is strange, but do you know any good thrift stores around here?"   I just laughed and said "Honey, you have come to the right person! What are you looking for? I know where every one is located on a 50 mile radius from here."  We continued to talk and NO thrifter conversation would be complete without mentioning some sort of Pyrex dishes that we are currently looking for or the ones that slipped away or the DREADED ones with the ungodly price tags!   No matter our different locations, occupations and determinations, we thrifters all have the same Vintage heart and live for the thrill of the hunt.
Maybe this piece is why I think of Bilbo Baggins every time I go to the flea market for my newest adventure, and it never hurts to be late for Supper every now and again. 

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