Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"IT" is kind of scary...but I kind of like it......

Ever come across a vintage piece that gives you mixed emotions.....I felt sorry for this poor Ole clown reamer, he has definitely seen his better days for sure. But then again, I was drawn to "IT" (aka Pennywise the Clown).....I find myself wavering from the "I like it" to the "it's a really sort of Stephen King kind of creepy" feeling.  He is old and cracked but good grief some days that is exactly how I feel and I would hope that someone would have pity on me and show some kindness and not let me end up in the trash.  He is pretty much un-usable but I still couldn't watch them throw him in the trash so I brought him home and cleaned him up and set him on a shelf.
Someday you may see me on an episode of "Haunted Collector" with this reamer as a source of mysterious happenings in our house. But for now the closest thing to a scary clown at our house is my husband.
I also found this old 1958 Buttermints tin with wooden sewing spools in it. 

I don't know much about nesting dolls but I like them and when I come across them really cheap (like for $1) I bring them home.
But my biggest weakness (besides Pyrex of course) is vintage cameras.

Hopefully next week's flea market finds will be as much fun as these were. Good luck to all in your vintage hunts.!

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