Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pyrex-ing the Flea Market

What a great weekend! Sunshine and hundreds of tables of treasures just waiting to be found. I have been collecting Pyrex for over 15 years and have a pretty extensive collection so whenever I find pieces that I don't already have atleast one of, it makes me very happy. Plus I met a fellow pyrexer in the process. She was out looking for good deals too.  It is so nice to meet people that you share the love of pyrex with, especially since my husband and children don't share the same appreciation of it that I do.
I found these "Friendship" mixing bowls on the way out of the flea market, I didn't see them on the first trip thru the tables and boy was I so glad they caught my eye.  The lady said she had just gotten them out of her car and put them on the table when I saw them. She had them all wrapped so carefully and I knew they were mine as soon as I looked at them............they were perfect...not a scratch!
I also came across this "New Holland" casserole for $2, and I love it!

I also brought home extra pieces that I already have but just could not pass up because they were only $1-2 each and you can never have too much!

I am already looking forward to this next weekend and to the next great pyrex treasure that is out there just waiting to come home with me! 
Good luck to all and may this weekend be filled with your greatest finds yet!
Lisa Jones Allen

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