Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another day, another pick...

Seeing as I will be spending the weekend watching my husband be all happy, happy, happy while he is riding his horse in the mountains, with a new set of Sunday Shoes on Candyman and a trailer full of fresh hay and firewood, I thought I would take time out to get a little thrift store happiness in for myself, so at lunch I vistited the local thrift store.  They are getting a little unreasonable these days with some of their stuff and have even set up an "antique" section to which they are asking ungodly prices for some of the worst looking stuff I have seen. I browsed around and was feeling quite disappointed because there was nothing to really be found.  I was fixing to leave and saw a sign that said "Christmas Items 75% off" and thought Oh what the heck, might as well look at that stuff too, afterall the Christmas shopping season is already upon us...or that is what every retailer in the country already thinks. So I go in and I spy this cute little fellow. He is a bit worse for wear and I have no idea why he called out to me other than he reminded me of Christmas when I was little and he was lonely and I am stupid and you know the old saying "two fools met".  I look at his price and he is $.30, yep that means he will cost me a whole 7 cents!  But what is more funny is I look down and laying on the floor is a is like they were paying me to take him! So I pick up my dime and my elf and continue to look.  I then find this glass apple thing with plastic holly flowers in it with a red bird stuck in the middle of looked just like the stupid red bird I spent a couple hours painting many years ago for my mothers yep, it called out to me too.  Again, 7 cents!   Total cost of 15 cents with tax, but let me tell you the memories these two things brought back are PRICELESS.

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