Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pyrex 2

Oh my goodness, it is hard to believe what you can forget about once you put them in a cabinet.  I pulled out these puppies and rewashed and then carefully put them back in their resting places.
                                      I love it when I find a unique pattern like this cassarole dish.
                 Not sure what this little guy was used for, but he is marked Pyrex and is cute as a button.
    And there is nothing sweeter than finding pyrex in the original unopened box, I opened this box just to    look at it and make sure nothing was broken..........the dishes inside are gorgeous! Oh and the original price on the side of the box was $5.95.  I paid $5 for it at a yard sale.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking Stock of My Pyrex...

After this past week of looking at other's pyrex collections, I decided that I really needed to get better aquainted with my collection.  I have collected Pyrex for many years now and have really lost touch with which pieces I have and which I still need to complete certain sets. I have packed so much away in cabinets and boxes and they really haven't seen the light of day in quite some time. So with the inspiration of others who are taking pictures and cataloging their finds, I decided I really need to take time to do the same. This will be a major undertaking considering I have 2 houses and an outside building that I have managed to squirrel away many pieces of pyrex into. So there is no where else to start except at the I am gonna just take one cabinet at a time until I am finished I guess.
My rainbow striped bowls......I always loved these colorful bowls.

I had forgotten about this little gem....that came with its own matching cloth caddy/cover.

                            I picked these oil/vinegar bottles up at a flea market many years ago.
                                                     My Orchard pattern refrigerator set.
Now I just have to find out if I have the largest cassarole dish hiding somewhere or if I need to add it to        my treasure hunting list.
Have to admit this is one of my all time favorite pieces because I have NEVER came across another one like it.....and yes it is Marked Pyrex on the bottom piece.
So tonight while the hubby is away working, I will try to do some more Pyrex Photography/cataloging.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another day, another pick...

Seeing as I will be spending the weekend watching my husband be all happy, happy, happy while he is riding his horse in the mountains, with a new set of Sunday Shoes on Candyman and a trailer full of fresh hay and firewood, I thought I would take time out to get a little thrift store happiness in for myself, so at lunch I vistited the local thrift store.  They are getting a little unreasonable these days with some of their stuff and have even set up an "antique" section to which they are asking ungodly prices for some of the worst looking stuff I have seen. I browsed around and was feeling quite disappointed because there was nothing to really be found.  I was fixing to leave and saw a sign that said "Christmas Items 75% off" and thought Oh what the heck, might as well look at that stuff too, afterall the Christmas shopping season is already upon us...or that is what every retailer in the country already thinks. So I go in and I spy this cute little fellow. He is a bit worse for wear and I have no idea why he called out to me other than he reminded me of Christmas when I was little and he was lonely and I am stupid and you know the old saying "two fools met".  I look at his price and he is $.30, yep that means he will cost me a whole 7 cents!  But what is more funny is I look down and laying on the floor is a is like they were paying me to take him! So I pick up my dime and my elf and continue to look.  I then find this glass apple thing with plastic holly flowers in it with a red bird stuck in the middle of looked just like the stupid red bird I spent a couple hours painting many years ago for my mothers yep, it called out to me too.  Again, 7 cents!   Total cost of 15 cents with tax, but let me tell you the memories these two things brought back are PRICELESS.

Vintage Organizing/Displaying

Trying to get my stuff organized is a bit overwhelming, mostly because I have so much of it, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my vintage stuff, plus this Hoosier made a great place to store all the summer canning I did for the first time. There is just something about the old furniture and dishes that absolutely warm my heart!
I absolutely love pyrex and had to have these cuties......I am hoping to find the wide neck one pretty soon!

                                    These remind me of my father and I think that is where I get the "collecting    GENE " from. I remember stopping at yard sales with him..........only wish I had gotten to do it more often.

                                         My front porch also is starting to be a collecting spot.

           I also love these little guys that I have found at the flea market over the past several months.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed looking at the many blogs of others who are Thrifter Junkies like me, mostly because I seem to be the only one in my family who LOVES to do this sort of thing. Which I guess in the long run isn't so bad because nothing could end a friendship faster than stealing someone else's pyrex or vintage fix when they have the "fever".   Happy pyrex-ing everyone!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I think I may have Pyrex-ia...

                        This is just one of many cabinets full of Pyrex and other vintage items that my
           years of flea marketing have netted me. I have to admit that Pyrex is my all time downfall when it  comes to spending money on flea market items, but it is deep rooted in my blood or atleast that is how I feel.  Happiness is Pyrex!

                                                    This is my husband's idea of happiness

Thrifter's Anonymous???

Wow, I was looking thru some blog sites today and came across tons of them dedicated to collecting vintage items.  The one that caught my eye the most was called “The Pyrex Collective”.  Being a fine connoisseur of Pyrex for many years now, I felt a strong urge to join them, it was like a magnetic pulling of something deep within……… fact it made me think of the Cyborg Collective in the Star Trek, The Next Generation shows and I could hear  them saying  “ Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated I do not know why vintage things seem to interest me so much, but I have to admit it has a deep rooted hold on me and on most weekends you will find me at a yard sale, flea market or thrift store.   I have been told many times that I am “addicted” or “selfish” for wanting to pursue this hobby, until these people need something and then I’m the one they call to find something cheap for them.  It has made me think that for years something must be wrong with me if it “bothers” other people that I collect this sort of stuff.  But after today seeing that so many other people also enjoy this hobby, I finally don’t feel so alone!   Everyone has something that makes them happy, for my husband it is riding horses.  I have tried it and for some odd reason it scares the beegeezes out of me, but on odd occasion I do go with him. Personally, when I spend money for something, I want to come home with something that I can put on a shelf or display……….with horses, you put money in one end and rake up and throw away what it produces out the other end…..sorry but NOT for me.  Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful animals and I love to look at them and pet them and take pictures and have them in my back yard. Life is all about finding happiness.  For me, that is achieved with old 25 cent treasures found at garage sales and for my husband it is achieved by mountains, horseshoes and hay bales. Yes, my “collections” or as he calls it “junk” does get on his nerves, but he isn’t perfect either (if I can only convince him of that).  He tells me all the time that he is going to back my car up to the door and load it full of stuff and haul it off, but the only thing he better put in my car is GAS.  So someday, the kids will have one HECK of an Estate sale and in the meantime they can grow a lot of corn in the back yard next to the barn.  But until then, I think I am going to borrow the title of a blog I saw and turn it into a picture book and an album on my Facebook page, the title is: “Things My Husband Hates, But Makes Me Happy”.